From Silent Hunky Actor Spoofs to Romantic Celeb Duos

 - Dec 8, 2011
He will always be knows as Noah Calhoun, the local boy who falls for the wealthy girl -- yes, I'm referring to the infamous 'The Notebook' and the Ryan Gosling Innovations are simply a feast for the blonde boy's fans.

He may be simply a superstar actor whose 'Drive' took the die-hard fans to the edge, but there are quite a handful of his shoots that simply takes the prize away. The onscreen sweethearts Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling sizzled on the covers of 'W Magazine' when 'Blue Valentine' hit the cinemas.

The creepy celebrity captures are a work of art as Ryan gets eerily cozy with a bare skull painted model. So if you want a piece of the heart-thumping actor whose sharp cheek bones stomp your heart, then this gallery is simply a festive treat.