- Mar 26, 2011
Celebrity weddings create such great public excitement, but these royal wedding features reveal just how much hype has surrounded the marriage between Kate Middleton and Prince William thus far.

After years of courtship, the couple is finally planning to tie the knot on April 29th of 2011. Both rather young, attractive and influential (to say the least), the Prince of Wales and his fiancee have roused the interest of regular folk beyond the boarders of British Commonwealth countries. The soon-to-be princess's wedding dress has been a major hot topic, and she's had the privilege of her own Butter London nail polish shade. The bride and groom's engagement photographs have found themselves on condom packages, paper dolls and even refrigerators, and even more royal wedding features will surely crop up in the remaining month before the big day.

In Anticipation of the Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton: