- Jan 27, 2011   Updated: Jun 16 2011
These featured products absolutely rise & grind beyond others in its category. All of these cool contraptions have re-imagined the grinder as a tool into new designs and uses.

From pill-crumbing machines to snowflake soap to one-handed seasoning tools, these grinders are mighty handy. I wonder what will be the next grand machine to rise & grind to a whole new level of cool.

Implications - There exists a wide variety of products that serve singular uses and functions. These products are unlikely to be replaced as they serve as practical items for consumers on an everyday basis. Companies and businesses will benefit, however, by focusing their attention on the ways in which they can transform their version of a given product from dull to dazzling. Consumers will be more likely drawn to a product that is distinguishable from the many that exist.

Machines That Rise & Grind Above the Rest: