How the Divine Influences Modern Fashion, Art and Design

 - May 28, 2009   Updated: Jul 18 2011
Since time began, there has been debate about God's existence, who He/She is and what He/ She wants us to do.

Historically, a lot has been done in honor of God: buildings have been erected, books have been written and the list goes on.

This list looks at how “God” or the idea of God, (depending on your view) has inspired modern day creative masters in fashion, art and design.

Implications - Some of the more interesting innovations in this collection include otherworldly places of worship, which feature architecture inspired by the divine, and unusual religious iconography, showing some nifty pictures between Jesus and Elvis. My favorite of the bunch though has got to be graphic bibles, which illustrate the extraordinary tales from the Old and New Testament as though it were a graphic novel. Marvel and DC Comics, watch out!