Top 24 Recycled Bottle Innovations

 - May 29, 2008
Plastic bottles continue to make their way to landfills, despite growing awareness for the environmental damage they cause. PET bottles in particular have a devastating effect on the environment. Bringing them to the recycling depot takes little time and even less effort, but the burden you lift off the planet is a huge one. If you're creatively inclined, try turning your old bottles into art, and seek inspiration from the designs featured below.

This cluster highlights some of th most incredible innovations that come from recycling plastic bottles, like funky lamps, eco cell phones, school uniforms and suits of armor, as well as charity-benefiting recycling programs.

We know you still need to sip back plenty of H2O to stay healthy which is why we've added a section on plastic bottle alternatives, from cheeky aluminum designs to bottles made of corn.

Finally, we end with a section on new discoveries and environmental innovations to deal with PET bottle issues.