- Jul 22, 2012
The psychological thriller Black Swan dramatized the daunting world of ballet, inspiring a fandom unable to forget the twisted story and giving way to an army of rapturous Black Swan renditions.

The story follows a sweet ballet dancer who aspires to be the lead in the next show. However, her efforts are trounced by a distraction, a technically offending but successful whimsical dancer. Who the film's black swan is leaves audiences guessing. It is the signature performance costume that has become engrained in popular culture, serving as inspiration for Halloween outfits, make-up tutorials and many badass posters. It is common to see bleak black feathers adorn everything from shoes, dresses and even risqué swimsuits, a sure nod to the thriller film.

In similar Natalie Portman style, people are fascinated with embracing the darker side. Good thing most do so through their fashion choices!

From Risque Ballet Photography to Gothic-Embroidered Manicures: