From Ferocious Stationery Carriers to Corky Crayon Cases

 - Aug 18, 2012
It's about time to go back to school and though supply shopping might not be your favorite pastime, it definitely would be more fun if quirky pencil cases were on your list.

Everyone's got the same laptop these days, not everyone can be the class clown and the teacher is only going to pick one pet -- if you want to stand out, spicing up your stationary toolbox is a good way to do it! There are cases of all different shapes, styles and species for you to choose from. For example, you could get a shark, fish or panda case if you're into animals, or a burrito-wrapped style if you're a foodie.

Characteristic carriers get extra points because if you are genuinely attached to your case then there's less chance you will lose it. Take it from me, losing your entire collection of perfect pens, expensive calculator and that eraser you just wanted to finish once and for all is a tough experience to recover from.