The Pointy Pencil Case Presents Several Ways to Store Your Utensils

 - Feb 3, 2012
Back when you were still too young to choose your own clothes, your lunch box and your pencil case were likely your most significant fashion statements at elementary school. While the Pointy pencil case doesn't exactly fit the popular mold of mainstream, I can see six-year-olds going crazy over this adorable holey bag.

Made of a soft violet fabric, the pen pocket has a zip-up top to keep writing utensils inside and secure. However, as your pencil crayons shorten, you may find them starting to slip out of the small circular openings. And there are reasons why you would allow them to do this on purpose. Designer Or Leviteh has created the Pointy pencil case to double as a game, perhaps as some new version of Pickup Sticks.