From Cute Canine Cases to Charming Stationary Cases

 - Apr 1, 2014
The first day of school is an important event for any young child's life, and what better way to give them a boost of confidence than with cute stationary cases? From optical illusion designs to cute canine cases, these pencil holders will make one's child feel special.

One way to turn those bundle of nerves into an outgoing display of friendship is through using these stationary cases to make a few friends. The Fakus case looks like it's 3D, but in reality it's a fake and completely flat. Showing this trick to new friends could gain a child some much-wanted recognition on that first day of school. If that doesn't work, one case that will definitely warrant a few looks is the Split Fish pencil case, which exposes a few raw guts (although this might not help in the friend department)!