From Rechargeable Knapsacks to Tablet Screen-Integrated Bags

 - Jun 24, 2013
For avid travelers or even commuters, quality backpacks make all the difference. Thankfully for crafty and tech-savvy designers, knapsacks come in many different forms, as well as functions.

The Airo messaging backpack is wired to give you a relaxing massage wherever, whenever. Using rechargeable battery energy, the Airo vibrates into different formations on demand.

If you’re a gamer who likes to keep organized on your travels, the Scout Backpack from Astro Gaming will make your day. It is intricately divided to individually secure all of your gaming essentials. Not only is it roomy, but extremely organized with its separate designated compartments.

We are also seeing multiple models of battery-incorporated backpacks that will charge your gadgets on the go. Your smart phones or tablets will never run out of battery with these energy-powered bags on your back.