From Nutty Oil Alternatives to Versatile Superfood Seeds

 - Dec 10, 2014
People seem to be more concerned then ever with natural health and minimalist branding, as evidenced by these health food product packaging examples. For some, however, the physical benefits are not enough. This is where clever marketing comes into play.

Tying into the natural, eco-friendly vibe, many of these hemp product packaging examples have a green color palette. Nutiva's hemp products from organic hemp beverages to enriched hemp powders can be found in clean white packaging that reflects their no-additives promise. Packaging from Navitas is also green in esthetic, but features large plant graphics to illustrate their products' origins.

Hemp tortilla chips from Whole Foods have more of an upscale look, enticing those drawn to artisan products. On the other hand, the colorful esthetic of Ruth's Hemp Bars are reminiscent of the less healthy snack bars you might have enjoyed in childhood (but with much better ingredients).