These Pretzel Baked Goods Make Delightful Savory Desserts

 - Dec 17, 2012
Those who are a fan of the salty snack are sure to find these pretzel baked goods irresistably scrumptious. Traditionally, pretzels are paired with beer or a ball game, but infusing baked goods with the salty snacks are an inventive way to inject a little savory goodness into every bite.

While there are a few cupcake recipes that you'll find here, the other recipes entail a significant level of dipping and baking as many of the desserts feature scrumptious pretzel surprises in the middle. There's the infamous Squirmy Compost Dessert that has a plethora of delicious snacks that look more like a dump than dessert.

What's best about these desserts is the familiar flavors that you're going to encounter as pretzels are considered a staple amongst snack foods and adapt seamlessly while baking.