35 Breathtaking Porcelain Innovations

 - Apr 3, 2009   Updated: Apr 19 2011
When porcelain was first brought into the West from China, it was called "white gold." There is something evil about porcelain, although it’s the most tender word for my palate. Fragile, but not soft.

Porcelain is about forbidden dolls, tea, purity, coldness, elegance, dynasties, detail, zen, frigidity, glassiness, and kitsch—a melange I hope you’ll enjoy!

Implications - Porcelain has traditionally been used to create fine dishes and luxurious home accessories; however, creative artists are using this understated material in subversive, unusual designs. Creative professionals can take advantage of this opportunity by reworking traditional art forms such as porcelain, clay, lace, embroidery and knitting into modern, edgy pieces that shock and titillate the viewer.