- Apr 2, 2013
Popcorn is an iconic snack food item that everyone loves to eat at the movies and even at home, and if you're looking to get a little adventurous with your popcorn recipes then these unusual popcorn snacks will certainly ignite your tastebuds.

Traditionally, popcorn usually comes in standard flavors with the option of adding butter or salt, but these out of the ordinary recipes infuses all sorts of exciting and unusual flavors into these iconic popcorn snacks. From popcorn recipes that incorporate red velvet cake mix to those that infuse alcoholic beverages, these quirky and offbeat popcorn recipes are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth looking to spice up their otherwise ordinary movie snacks.

These unusual popcorn snacks serves to add a lot more flavor and taste to these often plain cinema treats.

From Pork-Flavored Popcorn to Caffeinated Cinema Snacks: