- Dec 21, 2012
Although most enjoy popcorn while watching a movie or hanging out with friends, there is a plethora of outside the box popcorn products surrounding the salty treat.

First of all, not all popcorn products are actually salty at all. Of course, the traditional popcorn snack all come to know and love is drenched in salt and butter. Even though it's bad for health, it's still so good. However, popcorn's cousin is caramel corn (also known as candy corn). This popcorn product is the epitome of the salty-sweet snack fantasy. It's usually covered in a caramel glaze.

When making popcorn yourself, consider the Twitter powered popcorn maker to merge the worlds of social media and snack time. You can even try out lollipops blessed with popcorn flavor if you're looking to be really adventurous.

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