These Offbeat Pizza-Inspired Dishes Will Satisfy All Cravings

 - Feb 12, 2014
Pizza enthusiasts and foodie lovers are bound to love this pizza-inspired dishes that feature pizza like you've never seen it before.

Pizza is a timeless Italian dish adored all over the world. It's no wonder the delicious meal has sparked many innovations, for pizza-themed foods that would otherwise be seen as nonsensical if not for its cheesy goodness and irresistible flavoring. Pizza-inspired recipes such as pizza-infused cocktails bring the joy of happy hour and dinner time together in a beautiful liquor-filled harmony making it a decadent hybrid food. Other pizza-based inventions include meshing pizza with other food favorites such as noodles and cheeseburgers.

These peculiar recipes may not appeal to all people, but they definitely speak to the die-hard pizza fan.