- Jul 22, 2014
E-retailer Pixie Market is known for its elegant and affordable pieces that are inspired by the most luxe of runway staples. While countless fast fashion sites have been gaining popularity in recent years, the retailer stands apart for its carefully curated styles that combine unique aesthetics with quality craftsmanship.

The retailer is a favorite of budget-conscious fashionistas who always know how to leave a lasting style impression wherever they go. A high fashion sensibility and low prices are combined on Pixie Market's web shop that features a range of youthfully elegant styles.

Standouts from the fashionable web shop include its affordable separates that are a fresh take on a 90s aesthetic. Other notable products from the site are its aquatic print garments that are an affordable translation of high-end staples from labels like Kenzo and Givenchy.

From Affordable Aquatic Couture to Budget-Friendly Baroque Accessories: