From Fruit Impersonating Packaging to Efficient Food Slicers

 - Aug 13, 2012
These clever pineapple creations reflect the popularity of this tropical and sweet treat. Though only grown in a few places, the fruit is somehow ubiquitous and well-loved.

The fruit is used in recipes with a wide variety of adaptations. From giving cocktails an extra sweetness boost to adding another dimension to meat dishes, there's no stopping this prickly fruit. In addition to the unmistakable flavor of the pineapple, the shape and appearance of this fruit is easily recognized, and incredibly unique. Mimicked in packaging and adopted into photo shoots, the look of an uncut pineapple pops up in unexpected places.

Sure to continue to help boost people's moods and vitamin C intake, the almighty pineapple isn't going anywhere, and will likely continue to dominate fruit baskets and recipes.