Creations Inspired by the Math and the Infamous 3.14

 - Oct 23, 2009   Updated: Jun 8 2011
Having seen the movie “Pi” and talking to a bunch of guys that are pretty enthusiastic about their mathematical knowledge, I thought I'd peruse Trend Hunter for some “Pi” related trends, as I can't seem to memorize any of the decimals after 3.14.

Not so surprisingly, food, tattoos and timepieces, were all found to be among the most relevant innovations linked to this irrational number.

Implications - With society saturated with a plethora of technological innovations, the emergence of "geek chic" was inevitable. Young consumers now strive to make themselves stand out by boasting nerdy or educational products. Companies can appeal to this youthful demographic by developing products that induce nostalgia for a time that they may have never experienced themselves.