From Bite-Sized Pasta Pastries to Cute Confectionary Hybrids

 - Feb 6, 2013
If you love desserts and all things sugary sweet, then you will absolutely adore these lovely petite pastries that are not only deliciously scrumptious, but bite-size to boot!

Pastries are often a guilty pleasure to eat, with their sweet and savory toppings and vast array of sugary ingredients, and people may feel hesitant to take the plunge especially if they’re trying to stick to a more health-conscious diet. These petite pastries however, are cute and tiny and allow people to have just a little taste of their favorite desserts at their pleasure.

Who says being healthy has to mean eliminating all of your favorite types of food? These bite-sized creations allow you to eat just a bit of these scrumptious pastries without going over-the-top.