- Nov 24, 2011
If you have never tried to grow plants using a comic book or pair of chopsticks, then you need to click through all of these peculiar plantables. As evidenced by all of these peculiar plantables, there is a small, but steadily growing movement to make items not just biodegradable, but plantable. After all, enriching the soil is good, but what's the use of doing that if there are no plants to grow in it?

Most of these peculiar plantables are objects like chopsticks that would normally wind up wasting away in landfills after one or two uses. By equipping these items with seeds, you automatically double their usefulness, giving them a second life that lasts long after their first is over. Here's hoping that the gardens of the future are filled with plants that got their start from old electronics and used plastics.

From Plantable Comic Books to Germinating Eating Utensils: