From Tribal Print Wedges to Fruit Punch Footwear

 - Sep 30, 2013
While some fashionistas prefer shoes that are simple and contemporary, these funky patchwork footwear designs are more for those who want something artistically colorful to wear on their feet.

Traditionally patchwork design, which features the process of combining a variety of different patterns, colors and fabric together, was something done out of necessity, but nowadays designers are utilizing that iconic design technique to create products that burst with originality and style. A great way to infuse flamboyant features and eccentric colors into your footwear collection, these funky patchwork footwear examples will definitely add personality to any outfit.

From radiant rainbow kicks to multicolored sneakers and fruit punch heels, these fierce pieces of patchwork footwear will definitely spice up any shoe collection with bright and colorful designs.