From News-Displaying Alarm Clocks to Paper-Like Digital Tablets

The green era has definitely taken its hold over various markets offering higher public respect to all businesses that show care for the environment and these paperless innovations are a great way to start some eco-friendly transformations.

For example the 'In Newspaper' is an alarm clock is a concept device that not only wakes up the avid dreamer but provides customized news updates for the avid morning reader as well. It does this with an attached piece that updates overnight so that there is no need for paper subscriptions. Another leading example is the EDDY: Electronic Drawings Display is pretty much a digital paper mimicking device that can be used in a variety of locations such as the office to heavy duty construction zones. It supports CAD and can display PDF files making every desk a much neater place to get work done and erasing the need for paper. These innovations will provide better reputations for all users and will help save Mother Nature as well.