- Feb 4, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
The magical ostrich is finally getting some Trend Hunter recognition in the form of a cluster: 10 Ostentatious Ostriches. Ostriches are super cool birds and it's high time they get some appreciation around here.

What other bird can run really fast but can't fly? The ostrich can. From ostrich racing to illuminating ostrich pods, see what else an ostrich can do--and inspire--in this cluster of 10 Ostentatious Ostriches.

Implications - This collection of 10 ostentatious ostriches is one that had me cracking because I think that ostriches are probably the funniest animal that I can think of. If you like ostriches or hate ostriches, regardless, you will enjoy this series.

From Awesome Ostrich Kicks to Ostrich Racing: