From Aquarium-Like Offices to Egg-Shaped Enclosures

 - Aug 21, 2012
As the summer closes its doors and welcomes back the fall season, individuals will be making their way back to office workstations. For many, the office is the home of mundane decorations, uncomfortable chairs and daunting task. This hatred of office spaces is especially high after months of outdoor activities, exploring the vast open space of the outdoors and beautiful blue-sky weather.

In order for employees, workers and loyal staff to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, an atmosphere that promotes comfort and creativity is of the utmost importance. While some of these workstations advocate for privacy and isolation, others promote play and team-work initiatives.

Covering a whole range of styles, functions and whimsical themes, these office workstations are sure to encourage creativity and productivity in the workplace. Most importantly, these spaces will enhance employee's health and happiness quota.