From Scooter Strollers to Chainsaw Gardening Tools

 - Sep 6, 2010   Updated: May 20 2011
Who doesn't love multi-functionality? Virtually no one, which is why so many designers have been creating offbeat hybrids, items created through the amalgamation of different objects with different functionality, no matter how disparate. Now you don't have to decide between a dress and a dress you can sit on, or a land-only vehicle to one that can travel on waterâ€"and fly!

Implications - A product designed for one purpose just isn't it cutting it anymore for consumers who are demanding more. With brands developing items with multiple capabilities, people are starting to expect more and more even from the simplest of objects. The average citizen requires this design concept because it simplifies daily activities that often take up too much time. Additional functions are a welcoming feature for any consumer looking for convenience.