The Lawnmower Scooter Adds Some Zing to Yard Work

 - Mar 19, 2010
References: techoat & yankodesign
Cutting the grass is not an activity many people enjoy unless you're Hank Hill or me (I grew up in the country with a lawn tractor). Cutting grass with a push mower, however, is tedious boring work--that is, until an inventor by the name of Vicky Petihovski blessed us with the Lawnmower Scooter.

Imagine wheeling effortlessly around your backyard, taking care of the landscaping in a fraction of the time it took before. This is all possible with the Lawnmower Scooter. A fairly simple design, the machine runs off of an electric motor, which also powers the blades. The grass trimmings are kept in the body of the machine.

I think it's safe to say we might see the Lawnmower Scooter in the next X Games. Extreme yard work!