From Heavily Armored Segways to Protesting Puppet Parodies

 - Oct 27, 2011
Regardless of your economic situation and location in the world, it's almost impossible to avoid talk of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which have now spread to cities around the world.

Beginning with a protest against the uneven distribution of wealth in America, the #Occupy movement has now come to mean a variety of things to people globally, but the strong message of the "99%" remains. Blowing up on the blogosphere, the movement has spawned Tumblr accounts like 'Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street' and 'We Are the 1 Percent,' a blog that urges those more fortunate to join the 99% in speaking out against the current state of the global economy.

Whether you belong to the majority or not, these Occupy Wall Street innovations are truly inspiring, and even offer some laughs with lighthearted takes on the movement. Check out this slideshow for the coolest and most creative #Occupy finds.