The 'We are the 1 Percent' Tumblr is a Heartwarming Boost for Humanity

Now that the tax tension has seriously escalated with cases like the Occupy Wall Street movement, the fight for the overwhelmed masses gets a bit of support from the 'We are the 1 Percent' Tumblr.

As a spinoff to the 'We are the 99 Percent' blog that highlights the plight of penniless people struggling with the majority of tremendously taxed citizens, this alternate Tumblr is only the wealthy talking. Mugging for the camera with somber faces, the people contributing to the site pose with written statements admitting that they either don't deserve their fortunes or are even part of Wall Street and wish that the world of money matters worked fairly.

Anyone pleading to be taxed more publicly and putting their money where their mouth is helps make the 'We are the 1 Percent' Tumblr the bravest in bold and benevolent blogs.