- Sep 11, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
Whether your noodle of choice is soba, ramen, gluten-free, or tortellini, chances are you've eaten a fair few dishes that contain this rolled-out treat. Have you ever sat on a spaghetti bench, however, or worn a dress made solely of ramen packages? These noodle-laden innovations are sure to redefine how you think of your favorite dish for good.

Implications - Artists have always used food as a source of inspiration or as the main subject in their artworks and designs. With noodles being such a staple cuisine in a variety of cultures, it's good to see how artisans have translated them from the table to canvases and wood shops. Just about everyone has been told not to play with food as a kid, but perhaps that isn't something that should be encouraged when it comes to creative output.

From Ramen Fashion to Spaghetti Benches: