From Concealable Kunai to Sword-Like Umbrellas

 - Sep 26, 2012
Anyone can become an awesome masked fighter this Halloween with some of these fantastic ninja costumes and accessories.

Ninjas are stealthy, versatile, calm and quick thinkers -- need I say more? If you've seen Naruto, then you'll probably agree that Kakashi is the best ninja in the world because he is all of the above. Ninjas are low-tech -- no guns, no bazookas, no tanks -- and that's what makes them so resourceful. They lurk in the shadows and manipulate the mind with subtle illusions and impressive speed and martial arts. Can guns do that? Didn't think so.

In order to become a true ninja, you must dress like one. So deck yourself out in full-fledged ninja costumes this Halloween and equip yourself with subtle shurikens and concealable USB kunais.