From Fighting Supermodels to Armless Torso Editorials

 - Aug 15, 2009   Updated: May 20 2011
Naomi Campbell is known as one of the supermodel greats, and this collection of features is just the start of why. Campbell got her modeling start at the tender age of 15, and her creative talents have pervaded beyond high fashion into literature, music and charity.

From fur-clad superheroes to partying with lizards, Naomi Campbell knows how to do things her way.

Implications - You'll see Ms. Campbell here in various poses and photo concepts that truly accentuate her beauty. Whether it's for a fashion spread or a magazine cover, Campbell will keep your eyes peeled as you gaze at the supermodel in her own comfortable element. These images will show you why she's been dominant as a model in the fashion industry for so long.