From Offbeat Fashion Look Books to Classic Toys Revamped

 - May 25, 2012
These My Little Pony spin-offs range from grotesque stripped-down equines to pony-branded weaponry. The playful Hasbro character has inspired artists, animators and product designers with its colorful childlike aesthetics.

Although the girly frolicking foal claims friendship creates magic, some spin-offs appear to be taking a more monstrous path. Artists like Jason Freeny have stripped down these cuddly creatures into anatomical masterpieces. More recently this year, the 'My Little Pony Project' brought together a number of notable artists to create their own version of the childhood character. You also can't help but smile when a Captain Sparrow-clad pony -- complete with swashbuckling dreads -- comes trotting along.

These My Little Pony spin-offs will bring delight and disturbance for those who have yet to let go of this adolescent icon.