From Metallic Silly Putty to Marble Toy Blocks

 - Jul 9, 2012
This list of creative diversions, in the form of modernist desktop builders, is bound to keep your cubicle blues at bay.

Office ennui can be caused by the mundane nature of monotonous workplaces. However, the need for a well-deserved break has struck a cord with design artists. From 'Metallic Silly Putty' to 'Marble Toy Blocks' these neoteric creations for the office space provide a welcome breather to refresh and restore productivity.

These downtime desktop entertainment items serve the additional purpose of aesthetically pleasing art forms. Not only are these novelties recreational, but they add personality your work space.

It is thought that amusement and productivity are contradictory ideals in the work space. Yet, these workplace desktop builders unexpectedly optimize both.