- Apr 27, 2015
These modern tea party innovations range from luxe high tea experiences to artful tea set DIYs that replicate expensive dishware. In addition to celebrating culture and tradition, afternoon tea rituals are also becoming more luxe and elaborate. They include brunch services that are inspired by French monarch Marie Antoinette along with gentleman-focused tea ceremonies that come with a side of whiskey and cigars.

Tea lovers are no longer winding down with their favorite beverage but are instead opting for a luxe experience that centers around their tea drinking ritual. For those on a budget, the modern tea party is a great opportunity to test your creativity. DIY dishware sets and sculptural tea pots mimic luxe kitchen accessories but are budget-friendly and fun to make.

Moreover, this list also includes products for the eco-conscious consumer. These include dew drop tea infusers, water-reusing teapots and beaker beverage containers that are perfect for those with sustainable needs.

From Luxe High Tea Experiences to Artistic Tea Set DIYs: