From Couture Backpacker Editorials to Hillside Hippie Campaigns

 - Mar 18, 2012
Just because someone has a restless soul does not mean they can't dress chic and stylish, as demonstrated with these modern nomadic shoots.

For those constantly on-the-go from one city to the next it's important to pack light, but also pack chic. This type of lifestyle is the perfect opportunity to go out and buy that flowing maxi dress or cute, loose-fitting tee, as it blends well with the nomadic look and will also fit neatly into your backpack.

The nomadic style goes perfectly with many bohemian looks hitting the stores lately, and just because you're on a budget from moving across the continent does not mean zero shopping. Many looks from these modern nomadic shoots can be bought for cheap, so go ahead and revamp your wardrobe now!