- Apr 15, 2013
With a multitude of options, these minimalistic modern bathtubs bring a new sophisticated element to the basic act of bathing.

Drawing a bath and soaking your stresses away while simultaneously soaking yourself clean is one of the most beneficial ways to multitask life. These minimalistic modern bathtubs have taken the basic design of the ordinary deep tubs we are accustom to and transformed them into more suitable forms of soaking relaxation. Most importantly, these lovely modern bathtubs use less water.

From Flooded Bathing Concepts to Enhanced Safety Soakers these modern bathtubs turn your bathroom into a perfectly suitable relaxation lounging area.  These modern relaxation tubs are beautifully designed for both aesthetics and functionality making your oasis is more achievable than you may think.

From Peanut-Shaped Plungers to Cocooned Ocean Spas: