Miniskirt Trend is 50 Years Old

 - Feb 3, 2014
The longest most popular fashion trend: the miniskirt, was first seen in Vogue 50 years ago.
Is there a fashionista alive today that doesn't have a mini or three in her closet?
Vogue first refused to acknowledge the fashion trend and clothing manufacturers were hesitant to make and market the miniskirt until they saw ex-FLOTUS Jackie Kennedy Onassis wearing a mini.
The miniskirt was imported from Britain by designer Mary Quant. The fashion was named for the iconic Mini Cooper car.
When miniskirts first hit the U.S. shores, they were not the thigh-high version known today, rather the hemlines just brushed the top of the knee or slightly higher.
The miniskirt vaulted waif-like Twiggy to runway stardom and almost every famous fashion icon and designer has included the miniskirt as part of their inspiration.

Implications - Hemlines have been used to predict economic trends for decades. Businesses should not be reluctant to push what society has embraced as traditional.