This Dark Age Fashion is Anything but Dull

 - Mar 15, 2012
These medieval looks bring a whole new meaning to the term retro. Although not everybody's cup of tea, this look is definitely eye catching, whether it be in a photo shoot, in a castle or on a runway.

The dark, grey aesthetics associated with the middle ages present an abundant array of motifs to draw on. The stoic, metallic accoutrement of knights and warriors offers designers intricate chainmail suits and impressive plate metal as muses. The regal and stately dress of kings and queens still carries a sense of prestige in the modern era. Indeed, these medieval looks hearken back to an era when haute couture was becoming established; that is, a style of dress which distinguishes haves from have-nots.

They may be a little too eccentric for some, but these medieval looks will definitely distinguish their wearer from those around them.