What Will Happen if Wizard's Car Is Repossessed?

 - Apr 15, 2009
References: trutv
Thanks to TRUtv, you can embrace the magic and witness a group of people (a princess, goblins and a wizard) entirely devoted to the medieval period fight off the repo man on the reality show, ‘Operation Repo’. To make things even more interesting, the wizard’s car is getting repossessed and the two guys sent to do the job have to deal with the fantasy circus.

Medieval fantasy play is a huge craze and even bigger business for many people who attend medieval times fairs, dress up, immerse themselves in the atmosphere and talk "in character". Maybe the recent ubiquity is the reason it’s not certified as crazy behavior. Grown people dressed as pirates, knights, sorcerers, wenches, and warriors, parading around to the tune of folk music? Definitely a trend, just not for me.