From Well-Wasted Cuisine to Organic Food Giveaways

 - Mar 7, 2012
This top list of malnutrition-tackling businesses shows the ways in which for-profit companies can have an impact on a global issue that affects millions of people.

Organizations like FoodCycle, with its well-wasted cuisine, and food desert distributor Corbin Hill Road Farm, work with low-income and isolated communities in industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States (South Bronx, New York City), respectively. Other companies featured as part of these malnutrition-tackling businesses are based in North America and work to partner with NGOs to distribute products such as ready-to-use food supplements in less-industrialized countries.

According to the World Health Organisation, "malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to child mortality, present in half of all cases." Furthermore, malnutrition is completely preventable but its eradication requires large-scale efforts.