From Wired Literary Holders to Bathroom Coffee Holders

 - Jun 24, 2012
These stylish magazine racks provide the perfect home for your weekly gossip and hobby enthusiast subscriptions. While digital publications and e-readers are growing in popularity, there still comes a time when sitting back with a hardcopy just feels right.

Although magazines are a fun, relaxing read, they can become an eye-sore in a home's otherwise pristine decor. Rather than stacking them in a corner or tossing them in a bucket, display your monthly prints in one of these sleek magazine racks. Some models are built straight into the coffee table or wall to provide furniture with dual purpose. Others are strategically integrated into the areas of your residence that you would most likely sit back and pick up a casual read.

Although it is never a good idea to hoard years worth of subscriptions, these marvelous magazine racks are an eye-pleasing storage solution.