From Gourmet Movie Theater Menus to Hassle-Free Luxury Theaters

 - Jul 15, 2015
Aiming to position themselves as luxury theaters, traditional movie theater chains are continually integrating gourmet and chef-created menus with convenient in-seat service as a means to enhancing the overall consumer experience. In combining services that eliminate a possible objection from consumers, brands are able to highlight the convenience and new upleveled amenities.

From gourmet burger menus to over-the-top champagne and caviar service, there is seemingly a dine-in concept that will pique the interest of everyone. Family-friendly concepts like that of AMC Theaters' Fork & Screen programming caters to young children, while luxury theater concepts that boast wine, craft cocktails and indie brews cater to the over 21 crowd.

Dine-in cinema concepts that focus on quality fall in line with the consumer desire for consolidated services and customization while also enriching the overall customer experience into one that is memorable.