From Canine Lumberjack Jackets to Cool Wool Wallets

 - Dec 18, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
The lumberjack is the epitome of manliness. They cut down trees, eat hearty breakfasts of pancakes and dear sausage and have enough body hair to provide blankets for an entire nursery. Oh league of lumberjacks, will I ever be able to join your club?

From canine lumberjack jackets to cool wool wallets, check out the 10 lumberjack looks we have to offer.

Implications - The lumberjack look carries with it an element of cottage-chic and a rural element that is attractive to urban consumers. Consumers are looking for a connection to a rural past that is fading away. Manufacturers should consider other common characteristics of rural life and integrate them into their product line.