From LEGO Scanners to LEGO iPad Remakes

 - Feb 1, 2010   Updated: Jun 2 2011
Making stuff out of LEGO bricks is just pure, good old fashioned fun. The world might be favoring a a fast-paced, tech-savvy scene, but that does not mean that LEGO will be left in the technological dust.

From LEGO scanners to LEGO iPad remakes, check out all of the LEGO innovations which show how playing with LEGO bricks is just as popular as ever.

Implications - Some products popularity will never die due to nostalgia-starved consumers. Consumers who feel a connection to a product stemming from memories and experiences are likely to create a strong attachment to it and thus to the brand. Companies can use nostalgia to their advantage, adapting their products to incorporate classic elements.