From Keyboard Coffee Cups to Geeky Keyboard Clocks

 - Mar 4, 2013
Keyboards are an essential tech device when it comes to being able to type on your computers, and anyone looking to pay tribute to these traditional accessories will absolutely love these keyboard-inspired designs, which feature everyday items in kooky keyboard form.

These keyboard-shaped products are not necessarily for everyone, but for those looking to connect with their inner nerd, these eccentrically designed products are just the thing to add that quirky touch to your home. The traditional keyboard shape includes a keypad filled with numbers and letters, and this iconic appearance can now be seen incorporated into everyday products as a way to attract those looking to display their love and appreciation for technology.

From coffee cups that are shaped like computer keys to lighting solutions shaped like the escape button, these unusual and wacky designs are a great way to incorporate tech accessories into ordinary objects.