From Hot Air Balloon Beds to Lavish Concept Cars

 - Jul 24, 2016
Automotive tires embedded with diamonds, sterling silver combs and beds for kids shaped like hot air balloons are a few of the most extravagant July 2016 luxury products.

In the automotive world, Mini and Rolls-Royce have introduced some next-generation concepts that are positioned to put an emphasis on customization and adaptability. While these two concept cars are looking ahead to the future of luxury travel but are not yet ready to hit the market, the upcoming LaFerrari Spider from Ferrari sold out even before the design was shared with the public.

Since fashion often sets the course for other industries years ahead of schedule, it's worth knowing that many high-end runway designs are taking a page from urban life with inspiration from graffiti and streetwear—these themes are embodied in the Givenchy Spring 2017 pre-collection.