From Wireless Running Headphones to Modest Athletic Attire

 - Jul 23, 2016
The top July 2016 fitness ideas explore workstations, wearables and workouts that are helping consumers get closer to their ideal health and wellness goals.

Since it's often helpful to have the support of a friend or a group when trying to reach certain fitness goals, there are a number of apps and communities that have been created to foster healthy competition between peers. For instance, the new Samsing S Health system makes it possible for users to compare their results to those of similar users, which is a lot less intimidating than trying to compete against someone who holds the top ranking on a fitness leaderboard.

Other than the gym, places to workout are now easier to come by thanks to pop-up bus shelter gyms from Reebok and the YUNG CLUB gym inside the Selfridges department store.