From Stylish Eco Scooters to Pedal-Free Mopeds

 - Nov 12, 2011
These innovative automaker scooters offer great alternatives to traditional forms of transportation. The year 2011 was a banner year for the scooter, as automakers debuted scores of them at car shows across the globe. Brands such as Volkswagen and Smart debuted scooters designed to cater to an urban audience with no practical need for a car.

Automakers have been making scooters, bicycles and motorcycles nearly as long as they've been making cars. What makes this new crop of scooters different is that they are being released at a time when the world is slowly, but surely moving away from bigger automobiles in favor of more eco-friendly modes of transportation. While the whole world may not be cruising around in a VW scooter anytime soon, I do think you'll see more of these innovative automaker scooters on the road sooner rather than later.