The Suzuki e-Let's is an Electric Bike for Conceptual Newcomers

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: evworld & trendpool
Although its design and color scheme make it seem painfully ordinary, the e-Let's is anything but ordinary. The electric moped is Suzuki's motor-assisted, engineless response to the e-bikes offered by Yamaha and Bridgestone cycles.

After replacing the guts of the manufacturer's older, gas-powered Let's4 scooter with more eco-friendly insides, the Suzuki e-Let's maintains the dextrous controls, low noise, low vibration and gentle acceleration of its predecessors. Best of all, this zero-emision bike is compatible with any generic 100V outlet, which means you can charge the bike at home or at the office. And although its effective range is only 30km, charging the e-Let's takes a meager four hours.

Free of pedals, petrol and the moral pangs associated with high-emission vehicles, the e-Let's is an omen of things to come. Anticipate seeing your children on these bikes -- who knows, you may even be driving one soon.